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Cuvée prestige Millésime 2012

Tasting by our oenologue


Yellow golden dress, fine excitement with an attractive cordon.
The nose is rather rich with notesof peaches fried in the butter, of dry apricots.


The tasting is greedy thanks to unctuousness of the excitement, and the curvature of this vintage wine. The balance between acidity and alcohol is harmonious thanks to the time of guard of this wine.


Some roasted notes come to end the tasting to bring to the wine of the complexity and the length in mouth. This wine pleasure, can completely be self-sufficient to him even.


Technical Information

Grape varieties : 50 % Chardonnay, 25 % Pinot Meunier et 25% Pinot Noir

Cru : Montagne de Reims and Vallée de la Marne
Vintage : 2012

Eclat Blanc Millésime 2014



This cuvée was made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, from the 2011 harvest, selected by us.


The label is also a wink to the specific size of this grape variety, typically Champagne. Indeed the grape vines represents the departure of this long road which will lead us to elaborate, always with passion, this new vintage 2014.


No doubt that the latter will know how to exhaust your taste buds and delight you. .


Technical Information

Grape varieties : 100 % Chardonnay

Cru : Vallée de la Marne
Vintage : 2014

Eclat Noir Millésime 2015


This brand new cuvée was developed with passion, in tribute to the ancestral know-how of Champagne. Indeed, the Black shine differs from our vintages mainly by its vinification in oak barrel.  


The grapes used for this vintage come from our vineyards in Premier Cru, the assembly was made only with two grape varieties: the Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, hence its name.


Its cork and the barrel used are produced exclusively in CHAMPAGNE and are both part of the Living Heritage of our region which is so dear to us. No doubt that this vintage 2015 will sharpen the taste buds of the greatest champagne lovers. Excellent tasting.


Technical Information

Grape varieties : 60 % Pinot Meunier et 40 % Pinot Noir

Cru : Premier Cru Montagne de Reims
Vintage : 2015

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