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Our Vineyard
"We don't inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it
from our children." 

Our history begins at the beginning of the XVIIIth century when the Jardin family acquired their first parcels of vines in Villedommange and decided to vinify and market their own Champagne. 



In 1908, our great-grandfather Marcel Jardin received several awards, and notably one from the Concours des Vins Agricoles in Paris; thanks to his tenacity and his will to produce wines of excellence.


During the two World Wars, he was an aerial photographer and was rewarded with the Legion of Honour after the Second World War.



Afterwards, his only daughter Micheline

naturally took over, 

assisted by her husband Gilbert Constant,

and always guided by the grandfather.

They created their own brand :

Gilbert Constant Champagne.



Following the tradition, their daughter

Claire-Marie will, in turn, take over the 

estate with her husband Thierry Grandin.


They released their own brand

in 1982.



Today, Thierry is involved in the appellation

Champagne and is the president of the Coopérative L' Entraide in La Neuville aux Larris.


The marriage of Thierry's experience in wine and Champagne, with Claire-Marie in charge of marketing and their son Pierre, who returned to the estate after studying winemaking and sales at business school, the team of Champagne Thierry Grandin does everything in its power to offer you a qualitative service, and always with a smile.

Thierry... Terroir & Tradition 


Our vineyard consists of about 5 hectares divided into 30 plots. We mainly cultivate the Meunier grape as well as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. 



Since the beginning of the 2000s, we are aiming for a healthy viticulture so our vines can deliver the aromatic aromas needed for the elaboration of our champagne. 



The respect of the environment through new farming practices, with the total exclusion of herbicides, has gradually become a priority for the estate.



Following this approach, we introduced the full natural grass cover of our plots, which contributes to the blooming of our various terroirs, by providing an improvement in the ripeness of our grapes while bringing structure to the soil, and preserving biodiversity. 




It is thus, thanks to our vineyard and our commitments, that each year, we manage to elaborate our wines with the typicality of our terroir...

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